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List of Events in Mathematics

S.No Name of the Events/Meetings Duration
Analytic and Combinatorial Number Theory20-03-202430-03-2024
Workshop on Harmonic Analysis: Fourier Multipliers and Related Topics19-02-202402-03-2024
Infosys Lecture Series by Professor Jean-Marc Deshouillers12-02-202414-02-2024
Workshop on Group Theory and Around14-12-202320-12-2023
Harish-Chandra Centenary Celebrations 202302-10-202318-10-2023
Infosys Lecture Series by Professor Jean-Marc Deshouillers22-02-202325-02-2023
Conference on Algebraic Geometry12-12-202216-12-2022
Infosys Lecture Series by Professor M. Ram Murty10-12-202219-12-2022
NCM workshop on Elliptic Curves, Elliptic functions and Transcendence24-11-202203-12-2022
Online course on Local Arithmetic, Convener(s): Prof. Chandan Singh Dalawat, HRI and Dr. Supriya Pisolkar, IISER, Pune18-01-202121-05-2021
Mini-Workshop on Bundles, Cycles, and Motives at HRI05-03-202010-03-2020
The third program in the series `International conference on class groups of number fields and related topics` (ICCGNFRT)16-10-201919-10-2019
AFS-I- Annual Foundation School - I (HRI 2019)06-05-201901-06-2019
School on `Group Cohomology`23-03-201931-03-2019
Advanced Instructional School on Lie Algebras (AIS LA-2018)10-12-201829-12-2018
International Conference on Class Groups of Number Fields and Related Topics (ICCGNFRT-2018)08-10-201811-10-2018
Lecture series `About Piatetski-Shapiro sequences, old and new` by Professor Jean-Marc Deshouillers from IMB, ENSC, Bordeaux INP, France26-09-201829-09-2018
International Conference on Class Groups of Number Fields and Related Topics (ICCGNFRT) to be held at Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India, during 4th September, 2017 to 7th September, 201704-09-201707-09-2017
Combinatorics and Number Theory Meet at HRI19-02-201723-02-2017
Workshop on Geometry and Analysis on CR manifolds10-10-201617-10-2016
Two Days Number Theory Meet06-09-201607-09-2016
Triveni Number Theory Meet @HRI (Algebric, Analytic and Transcendental Number Theory). The conference/meet dates are now preponed to March 4-8, 2016 due to some unavoidable circumstances11-03-201616-03-2016
Workshop on Geometry and Topology02-11-201507-11-2015
Conference on Infinite Dimensional Lie Theory and its Applications15-12-201420-12-2014
Workshop on Symplectic Geometry and Contact Topology01-12-201412-12-2014
AIS on Combinatorics28-04-201417-05-2014
Instructional School on Schur Multiplier and related topics01-03-201408-03-2014
Discussion Meeting on Algebraic Curves19-02-201405-03-2014
ISL Workshop on Topology and Geometry16-12-201328-12-2013
International Conference on Group Theory and Lie Theory19-03-201221-03-2012
International Meeting on Number Theory Celebrating the 60th Birthday of Professor R. Balasubramanian15-12-201120-12-2011
RMS 26th Annual Conference and Workshops27-09-201105-10-2011
ATM Workshop in Lie Groups and Lie Algebras (ATMW)22-08-201127-08-2011
International Workshop on Groups, Actions, Computations01-09-201012-09-2010
Discussion Meeting on Finite Fields and Coding Theory02-11-200914-11-2009
International Conference in Mathematics (HRI-ICM)200907-03-2009 to 08-03-2009 and 16-03-2009 to 20-03-2009
Discussion Meeting on Modular Forms21-02-200906-03-2009
Discussion Meeting on Additive Combinatorics16-01-200931-01-2009
Advanced Instructional School (AIS) on Compact Lie groups and their representations17-11-200829-11-2008
Advanced Instructional School (AIS) in Analytic and Algebraic Number Theory03-12-200728-12-2007
International Conference on Number Theory and Cryptography23-02-200727-02-2007
International Conference on Number Theory01-12-200605-12-2006
Advanced Foundational School (AFS) - II03-12-200430-12-2004
Iwasawa theory for Hilbert modular forms01-01-000101-01-0001
Current trends in Mathematics - In the memory of Harish-ChandraSeptember 1993
International conference on Algebraic GeometryJanuary 1999
International Conference on Number TheoryDecember 2000
International Conference on Commutative AlgebraDecember 2003
International Conference on Teichmuller SpacesJanuary 2005
International Conference on Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras and Its ApplicationsDecember 2005
Advanced instructional Workshop on ``Algebraic Number Theory''November 2000
Workshop on Computational aspects in Commutative AlgebraDecember 2003
9th Discussion meeting on ``Harmonic Analysis''October 2005
9th Discussion meeting on Harmonic AnalysisOctober 2005
ICM Satellite workshop on Modular FormsAugust 2010
Mathematics Training and Talent Search Programme (MTTS) - `O' LevelMay 2010