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List of Events in Physics

S.No Name of the Events/Meetings Duration
Infosys Lecture Series By Prof. David Wales (FRS) from University of Cambridge, U.K.22-04-202424-04-2024
Infosys Lecture Series By Professor Joachim Kopp11-03-202413-03-2024
SANGAM@HRI - 2024: Instructional Workshop in Particle Physics07-03-202416-03-2024
Quantum information processing and applications - 2023 (QIPA-2023)04-12-202310-12-2023
Discussion Meeting on Non-equilibrium Correlated Systems24-07-202326-07-2023
Lectures on Non-supersymmetric String Theories By S. Parameshwaran (Liverpool)10-04-202314-04-2023
Young Quantum Conference - 202315-02-202318-02-2023
International conference on recent advances in renewable energy (CARE-2023)02-02-202304-02-2023
String Seminar Days21-12-202223-12-2022
An online conference: Young Quantum 2020 (YouQu2020)12-10-202014-10-2020
An online conference: Young Quantum 2020 (YouQu2020)12-10-202014-10-2020
Meeting on Quantum Information Processing and Applications (QIPA-2018)02-12-201808-12-2018
Nu HoRIzons VII21-02-201823-02-2018
School on String Field Theory and String Phenomenology05-02-201809-02-2018
DST Meeting on Quantum Information Science and Technology (QuST) to be held at HRI on 9-10 Oct 201709-10-201710-10-2017
We will have a set of lectures on fluid mechanics, statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics on 27-28 March 2017.27-03-201728-03-2017
Young Quantum-201727-02-201701-03-2017
On 15 and 16 Feb we will have a set of talks on `Low dimensional quantum systems` in honour of Prof. Sumathi Rao`s 60th birthday. The program is here.15-02-201716-02-2017
There will be a 5 day workshop on Nonequilibrium Quantum Many Body Physics at HRI from Nov 21-25. 201621-11-201625-11-2016
A conference to celebrate the 60th birthday of Ashoke Sen22-08-201623-08-2016
Nu HoRizons VI17-03-201619-03-2016
School on Nanoscale Electronic Transport and Magnetism: Fundamentals to Applications22-02-201602-03-2016
Sangam @ HRI 2016: Instructional Workshop in Particle Physics15-02-201619-02-2016
2016 HRI Workshop on String Theory01-02-201613-02-2016
Young Quantum - 201524-02-201526-02-2015
School on topological quantum matter09-02-201521-02-2015
Sangam @ HRI 2014: Instructional Workshop in Particle Physics24-03-201429-03-2014
International Symposium on Clusters, Cluster Assemblies and Nano-scale Materials (ISCANM-III)11-03-201414-03-2014
School and Workshop on Physics of Cold Atoms10-02-201416-02-2014
Meeting on Quantum Information Processing and Applications (QIPA-2013) 02-12-201308-12-2013
Meeting on Transport in Topological Insulators09-07-201313-07-2013
International Workshop on Quantum Information20-02-201226-02-2012
Winter School on High Energy Astrophysics: Accretion onto Compact Objects (HEAP12)06-02-201218-02-2012
Workshop of Low Dimensional Quantum Systems10-10-201113-10-2011
International School and Conference on Functional Materials28-03-201103-04-2011
The International School and Conference on Quantum Information Processing and Applications14-02-201120-02-2011
The Twenty Sixth Meeting of the Indian Association for General Relativity and Gravitation (IAGRG-26)19-01-201121-01-2011
Primordial Features and Non-Gaussianities (PFNG)14-12-201018-12-2010
Workshop on Physics of Strong Correlation12-11-201014-11-2010
Summer school on gravitation and cosmology (ssgc)10-05-201022-05-2010
Conference on Cosmological Reionization16-02-201020-02-2010
International Symposium on Clusters, Cluster Assemblies, and Nano-scale Materials09-02-200911-02-0209
Summer School on Gravitation and Cosmology (SSGC)12-05-200824-05-2008
School on Low Dimensional Nanoscopic Systems28-01-200809-02-2008
Field Theoretic Aspects of Gravity (FTAG-VI)13-11-200718-11-2007
Indian Conference on Cosmology and Galaxy Formation (ICCGF 07)03-11-200705-11-2007
String Workshop and School01-01-000101-01-0001
Condensed Matter Physics School
Biological Physics School
School on SpintronicsJanuary 2009
Physics of Galaxy FormationDecember 2003
Introductory School on CosmologyDecember 2001