List of Theses Presented by HRI Students

S.No. Acc. No. Title Author
1. G29 A study on local homology and cohomology (1995) Milan Kumar Das
2. G182 Some questions of arithmetical and combinatorial nature (1999) R. Thangadurai
3. G213 Some Aspects of the phenomenology of supersymmetric theories Sourov Roy
4. G248 Nonperturbative aspects of string theory (Aug. 2001) Jaydip Majumdar
5. G274 Some questions in representation theory of finite groups of lie type (Jan 2002) Nilabh Sanat
6. G275 Some problems in commutative algebra (March 2002) Shiv Datt Kumar
7. G342 Study of some non-supersymmetric configurations in string Theory (2001) Partha Mukhopadhyay
8. G343 Projective modules over polynomial extensions, unimodular elements and complete intersections (2003) Mrinal Kanti Das
9. G344 Some problems in number theory (2003) Anirban Mukhopadhyay
10. G381 Field theoretic approach to strongly correlated systems (2000) Pradeep Kumar Mohanty
11. G393 Signals for new interactions of elementary particles at present and future colliders (2004) Partha Konar
12. G384 Interaction effects in mesoscopic systems (Oct. 2004) Sourin Das
13. G377 Arithmetic of algebraic groups (2004) Shripad M. Garge
14. G394 Large scale structures in the universe at high redshifts (Jan. 2005) Suryadeep Ray
15. G390 On higher order effects in electroweak physics (Jan. 2005) Swapan Kumar Majhi
16. G455 Some problems in number theory (2006) Sanoli Gun
17. G472 Finite group actions on Riemann surfaces (2006) Siddhartha Sarkar
18. G502 Some studies in physics beyond the standard model (2007) Raghavendra Srikanth H.
19. G504 Some problems in combinatorial and algebraic theory (2007) Anupama Panigrahi
20. G509 Some problems in number theory (2008) Brundaban Sahu
21. G512 Aspects of gravitational clustering (2008) Jayanti Prasad
22. G622 Electron-electron interaction effects on transport through mesoscopic hybrid junctions (2009) Arijit Saha
23. G623 Different aspects of black hole physics in string theory(2009)
Nabamita Banerjee
24. G624 On the origin and evolution of perturbations in the early universe (2009) Rajeev Kumar Jain
25. G625 The Impact of B site disorder in the manganites (2009) Kalpataru Pradhan
26. G628 Some studies on Higgs searches at the large Hadron collider in scenarios beyond the standard model (2009) Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay
27. G645 Norm maps in extensions of local fields and applications (2009) Supriya Pisolkar
28. G698 Supersymmetry with non-universal high-scale parameters and the large hadron collider (2010) Subhaditya Bhattacharya
29. G736 Cohomology of Orbit Spaces, Fixed Point Sets of Group Actions, and Parametrized Borsuk-Ulam Problem (2010)
Mahender Singh
30. G737 Non-linear gravitational clustering in the universe (2009) Nishikanta Khandai
31. G738 Higher order QCD radiative corrections to processes at the Large Hadron Collider (2009) Anurag Tripathi
Integrable representations of Lie Tori & an invariant of real forms of twisted affine Kac-Moody lie algebras (2009)
Tanusree Pal
The field induced melting of charge order in the manganites (2009)
Anamitra Mukherjee
Unveiling some supersymmetric scenarios using tau-leptons at the Large Hadron collider (2011)
Sanjoy Biswas
35. G846 Some aspects of grand unified theory: gauge coupling unification with dimension-5 operators and neutrino masses in an SO(10) model (2011)
Joydeep Chakrabortty
Evolution of galaxies and the intergalactic medium at high redshift (2011)
Girish Kulkarni
Some zero sum prblems in combinatorial number theory (2011)
Bhavin K. Moriya
Weighted subsequence sums in finite abelian groups (2011)
Mohan N. Chintamani
Aspects of supersymmetric black holes and Galilean conformal algebras (2011)
Ipsita Mandal
On the Serre-Swan theorem, and on vector bundles over real Abelian varieties (2011)
Archana Subhash Morye
Nonequilibrium aspects of gauge / gravity duality (2010)
Ayan Mukhopadhyay
42. G1013 New physics with low missing energy: identification and discrimination at the LHC (2012) Satyanarayan Mukhopadhyay
43. G1014 Signals of supersymmetry and Higgs at the Large Hadron Collider (2012) Nishita Desai
44. G1015 The impact of antisite disorder on magnetism and transport in the double perovskites (2012) Viveka Nand Singh
45. G1016 Higher-spin theories and the AdS/CFT correspondence (2012) Shailesh Lal
46. G1017 Primordial features and non-Gaussianities (2012) Dhiraj Kumar Hazra
47. G1018 Some problems on modular forms (2012) Jaban Meher
48. G1019 On Tannakian fundamental group schemes, and on real parabolic vector bundles over a real curve (2012) Sanjaykumar Hansraj Amrutiya
49. G1151 The effect of geometric frustration on some correlated electron systems (2013) Rajarshi Tiwari
50. G1152 Probing standard and non-standard physics with ultra-high energy neutrinos (2014) Atri Bhattacharya
51. G1153 Some classical and semi-classical aspects of higher spin theories AdS3 (2014) Arunabha Saha
52. G1154 Some studies of non-minimal universal extra dimension at the large hadron collider (2014) Saurabh Niyogi
53. G1155 Atmospheric neutrino @ INO (2014) Anushree Ghosh
54. G1156 Some studies on minimal and non-minimal universal extra dimension (2014) Ujjal Kumar Dey
55. G1157 On certain correspondences between Jacobi forms and modular forms, and a non-vanishing result for half-integral weight L-functions (2013) Karam Deo Shankhadhar
56. G1158 Nonlinear schrodinger equation and the twisted laplacian (2013) Vijay Kumar Sohani
57. G1159 Liouville fields, mahler fields and Schanuel`s conjecture (2014) K. Senthil Kumar
58. G1169 Physics of cosmological reionization and structure formation in the universe (2013) Sourav Mitra
59. G1171 Characterization of certain arithmetical functions (2015) Jay Gopalbhai Mehta
60. G1287 Chromatic sums of squares and primes (2015) P. Akhilesh
61. G1288 Algebraic and combinatorial methods in zero-sum problems (2015) Eshita Mazumdar
62. G1289 First-Principles studies of substrate supported metal clusters: from fundamentals to applications (2015) Akansha Singh
63. G1290 Perturbative aspects of string theory and gauge/string duality (2015) Roji Pius
64. G1291 Thermal fluctuations in disordered superconductors (2014) Sabyasachi Tarat
65. G1292 Seesaw and seesaw-like scenarios: some phenomenological implications (2016) Avinanda Chaudhuri
66. G1293 Finer consistency checks on BPS black hole entropy in string theory (2015) Abhishek Chowdhury
67. G1294 Next to next to leading order corrections in TeV scale Gravity Models (2015) Maguni Mahakhud
68. G1295 Some studies on additional scalars at the LHC (2015) Ushoshi Maitra
69. G1296 Automorphisms of groups (2014) Pradeep Kumar Rai
70. G1297 Existence of Darboux chart on some Frechet manifolds (2014) Pradip Kumar
71. G1580 Asymptotic behaviour of sum of coefficients of a class of Dirichlet series (2018) Soumyarup Banerjee
72. G1581 Fourier integral operators, wave equation and maximal operators (2017) Ramesh Manna
73. G1582 Some topics in number theory (2017) Balesh Kumar
74. G1583 The Mott transition in strongly frustrated lattices (2017) Nyayabanta Swain
75. G1584 Monogamy of quantum correlations (2017) Asutosh Kumar
76. G1585 Resource theories of quantum coherence and entanglement(2017) Uttam Singh
77. G1586 Calculation of Relic density and detection prospects of non-thermal dark matters: A general study(2017) Aritra Gupta
78. G1587 Extended Higgs sectors, vacuum stability and related issues (2017) Nabarun Chakrabarty
79. G1588 Role of quantum correlations in quantum communication networks (2017) Tamoghna Das
80. G1589 Resonating valence bond states - A quantum information perspective (2017) Sudipto Singha Roy
81. G1590 On some problems involving nearly holomorphic modular forms and an estimate for fourier coefficients of Hermitian CUSP forms (2017) Arvind Kumar
82. G1591 Zero angular momentum conjecture for BPS Black holes in string theory (2016) Swapnamay Mondal
83. G1592 Some results related to Riesz sum and K-free integers (2016) Debika Banerjee
84. G1593 Studies in strongly correlated systems (2016) Saurabh Pradhan
85. G1594 A study of some Lambert series (2016) Bibekanand Maji
86. G1595 Study of CP violation and mass hierarchy sensitivities at long baseline neutrino experiments(2016) Mehedi Masud
87. G1596 Thermodynamic aspects of quantum coherence and correlations (2016) Avijit Misra
88. G1597 Explorations in entanglement of purification and multipartite entanglement (2016) Shrobona Bagchi
89. G1598 Quantum uncertainty, coherence and quantum speed limit (2016) Debasis Mondal
90. G1599 Beyond standard model physics: A non-SUSY grand unification perspective (2014) Ram Lal Awasthi
91. G1600 Theoretical studies of a single 3D transition metal doped simple and noble metal clusters using density functional theory (2014) Vikas Chauhan
92. G1601 Anomalous Higgs couplings and collider data: some model-independent studies (2015) Shankha Banerjee
93. G1621 Traces of new physics in collider data (2018) Siddharth Dwivedi
94. G1622 Edge states and transport in topological systems (2018) Udit Khanna
95. G1623 Trends of quantum correlations under open system dynamics (2018) Titas Chanda
96. G1624 Some aspects of LHC collider phenomenology and vacuum stability in the NMSSM (2018) Jyotiranjan Beuria
97. G1626 Some additive problems on primes, prime squares and Chen primes (2018) Kummari Mallesham
98. G1661 On finite P-groups of conjugate rank 1 (2018) Tushar Kanta Naik
99. G1662 Maximal surfaces and their applications (2017) Rahul Kumar Singh
100. G1663 Some aspects of amplitudes in quantum field theories (2018) Mritunjay Kumar Verma
101. G1664 Some problems in number theory (2018) Nabin Kumar Meher
102. G1665 Effects of disorder on nonclassicality in many-body systems (2018) Debasis Sadhukhan
103. G1666 Transport and collective modes in Dirac materials (2018) Dibya Kanti Mukherjee